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Pocket's prototype for Android Wear saves articles right from your wrist

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Googled unveiled Android Wear this week and encouraged developers to build apps purpose-built for the wrist. Pocket is among the first companies to rise to the challenge, showing off a prototype version of a software development kit for Android Wear today that will let you save links directly from your watch. The prototype allows developers to integrate Pocket into their own apps so that users can save items with a couple of taps. "Up until now, smartwatches have focused solely on delivering short notifications," Pocket says. "What's been missing is the ability to quickly act on that information by saving or sharing it."

Pocket's SDK works by allowing you to turn those notifications into saved articles and videos. When an alert on your smartwatch lets you know a friend has sent you an article to read, swiping will reveal an option to save it to Pocket. Unlike the app that Pocket built for the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the prototype won't let you read Pocket stories from your watch directly. While it's not likely to convince you to buy a Moto 360 by itself, Pocket's latest prototype hints at the possibilities developers are exploring in the months leading up to Android Wear devices going on sale.