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Gun-toting security researcher's exposé of the Target hack could become a feature film

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The security breach that compromised 40 million credit card numbers and data of 70 million Target customers last December could end up a part of a cybercrime film produced by Sony and based on security researcher Brian Krebs who broke the story. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony's purchased the rights to "Reporting From the Web’s Underbelly," a profile on Krebs published last month in The New York Times.

Guns, drugs, and fake murder charges

That piece went behind the scenes about Krebs' uncovering of the security breaches against Target, Adobe, and Neiman Marcus. It also detailed peculiar aspects of Krebs' life, like his penchant for keeping a 12-gauge shotgun at his side, along with the times people have tried to mail him heroin, or phoned a SWAT team to his house by falsely reporting that he had murdered someone. The Hollywood Reporter adds that Richard Wenk, who penned the upcoming thriller The Equalizer, will do a screenplay based on The Times story, which was written by security reporter Nicole Perlroth.