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Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel sing incredible doo-wop duet with iPad app

Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel sing incredible doo-wop duet with iPad app

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Jimmy Fallon has been off to a strong start at The Tonight Show, delivering solid ratings for NBC and bringing in top notch celebrities from night to night. On Thursday, Fallon welcomed Billy Joel to the guest's chair. "You're one of my all time favorites, and even just to talk to you, I get a little nervous" Fallon confessed to the legendary songwriter. "But to sing with you is the craziest."

Fallon then kindly asked Joel to partake in a (mostly) a capella rendition of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," turning to an iPad app to help loop their vocals. Fallon has demonstrated his musical chops numerous times in the past, and here again he manages to largely keep in step with an accomplished performer — though he does need Joel's help finding the right note at one point.

More than anything else, it's a perfect example of Fallon's penchant for mixing technology into his Tonight Show, a theme he first established during the five years he spent at Late Night. The experiment could easily have fallen apart. Instead, it went off without a hitch. Fallon's genuine excitement can feel often feel contagious, and that's doubly true here. The only question is whether Loopy — the $7.99 app that played a key role in the segment — will see a sales boost thanks to its newfound exposure.

Note: Music experts may disagree with this performance being classified as doo-wop. But since Fallon labeled it as such during the segment, we felt it fair to include here.