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This is weird Nintendo

If we can glean anything from Nintendo's 124-year history, it's a willingness to experiment. The company, which originally sold playing cards, has at various points owned a taxi company, TV network, and even a love hotel chain. It wasn't until 1966, after over 75 years in business, that Nintendo released its first toy. The Ultra Hand was designed by Gunpei Yokoi, who would go on to make both the Game & Watch and Game Boy systems.

The Videogame History Museum is a traveling exhibit that tours the various gaming shows that happen throughout the year — including E3, PAX, and DICE. At this year's GDC, the museum set up a display showing the very weird and diverse world of Nintendo from 1966 onward — from Las Vegas casino tie-ins to multiple 3D headgears (hello Virtual Boy) to yes, most famous of all, the Power Glove.

Photography by Sean Hollister


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