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Good Deal: Get Xbox One and 'Titanfall' for $450 at Walmart

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Walmart is slashing the price of the Xbox One by $50 for a limited time, and the deal also includes the recent Titanfall bundle. The discounted $449.96 rate shows up once you add Microsoft's console to your shopping cart, and in-store pickup seems to be an option if it's in stock at a store near you. This easily represents one of the best deals yet for those looking to purchase Xbox One — particularly if you're able to find it with a Titanfall download code in the box. The game will be Xbox One's marquee title for the foreseeable future, and we came away extremely impressed by what Respawn Games has created. It's also Microsoft's killer app in its ongoing console war with Sony. And if you consider the game to be worth $59, that means you're essentially paying less than $399 for Xbox One. It's unclear how long Walmart plans to run the promotion, but we've reached out for more details.

Update: According to Major Nelson, Best Buy is also running the $450 promotion for Xbox One. Like Walmart, the deal is valid for all console SKUs, including the Titanfall and Forza Motorsport 5 bundles.