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Rhapsody drops Echo Nest music recommendations following Spotify purchase

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Rhapsody is dropping music recommendation provider Echonest just weeks after it was acquired by rival Spotify. In a statement, Rhapsody's senior vice president of the Americas, Paul Springer, said Echonest had been a good partner, "but we have never been completely satisfied with recommendations from any third party." Springer says the company plans to "invest heavily" in its own personalization technologies from Rhapsody and Napster, and that users won't notice any difference in their service.

Rhapsody's rolling its own instead

Echonest's technology provides recommendations based on musical tastes, and has helped power Spotify, Rdio, Vevo, Xbox Music, and others. Spotify acquired the company earlier this month, saying it would continue to fulfill existing contracts, even with competing services. Rhapsody's move — which was expected — comes just a week after Rdio dropped the service, saying it was pursuing other sources to help recommend music to users.