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Blues rock band The Black Keys announce their new album on Mike Tyson's Twitter

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In a bizarre bit of internet randomness, the blues-rock duo The Black Keys have gotten a little inventive in the run-up to their latest release. Titled Turn Blue, the new record was announced today on Mike Tyson's Twitter of all places. It's still unclear how Mike Tyson might be involved, but the move is certainly attention grabbing:

Attached to the tweet is a creepy inspirational video that seems to be recruiting for an offbeat '80s sex cult:

Finally, drummer Patrick Carney has been quietly promoting the album on Instagram with random images of blue people and products, including a shot of Tobias Fünke in his classic Blue Man Group get-up. With Chromeo having already announced their new album on Craiglist, it's good to see artists having fun with how they promote their work this year.