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Twitter #Music is officially dead

Twitter #Music is officially dead

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Months after the company stopped active development on the app, Twitter #Music is being pulled from the App Store today, the company said in a tweet. The app, which attempted to harness conversations around music and artists on Twitter to create a new way to discover music, failed to peel listeners away from the many competing music apps on the market. The app will cease working for existing users on April 18th, the company said.

In a separate tweet, the company said it would look for "new ways" to incorporate music into Twitter: "We continue to experiment with new ways to bring you great content based on the music activity we see every day on Twitter."

The #Music app was built by the team behind the music-discovery service We Are Hunted, which Twitter acquired in 2012 and subsequently shut down. Before it became publicly available, Twitter seeded #Music with prominent musicians, encouraging them to tweet about their experiences to generate buzz.

But less than a week after the app's launch, Twitter's head of music left the company to join the Q&A network Jelly. By October, the company had begun making plans to shut it down. While the app integrated with popular apps like Spotify and Rdio, recommending tracks based on artists you had followed and tweeted about, it never got much traction among mainstream users. Members of the We Are Hunted team have since left Twitter, though founder Stephen Phillips remains there.