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Watch this dancer cut through New York City crowds with acrobatic feats

Watch this dancer cut through New York City crowds with acrobatic feats

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Sometimes technology and art make a perfect pair. Brooklyn-based studio Wild Combination has managed just that with its euphoric (and haunting) music video for Pillar Point's single "Dreamin'." Director Jacob Krupnick solicited dancer Daisuke Omiya for the video, and his intense, aerobatic moves provide gripping counterpoint to the emotional path of the music. His impressive moves — brought to the fore by the slow-motion footage and his bright red coat — seem to combat gravity as much as the cold, oppressive homogeneity of New York.

To pull it all off, the team used a 5K-capable RED Epic digital cinema camera that allowed not only for the slow-motion, but also many of the striking shots throughout the video. The camera's stunning dynamic range allowed the team to capture the piercingly-bright white snow without losing detail in the dark forest scenes, for instance. On top of it all, they used the gyroscope-stabilized Mōvi system that's sent waves through the video industry to achieve silky-smooth shots. Wild Combination has posted much more information on the making of the video on its blog, but be sure to watch the video below before getting too lost in the details.