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Panasonic 4K wearable camera arriving in May

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Shooting video in 4K is quickly becoming more and more accessible, and Panasonic is about to begin offering another option to get shooters started. In May, it will release the HX-A500, a wearable camera that can shoot 4K video at 25 frames per second — a feat that Panasonic claims its camera is the first wearable model to accomplish. Though GoPro also offers a wearable camera with 4K shooting, it can only record at 15 frames per second, which isn't fast enough to capture nearly as smooth of an image.

The HX-A500 isn't quite as compact as a GoPro though: it has a separate body and camera, connected together by cable. On the body are camera controls and a 1.5-inch display for previewing the video. Video can also be streamed over Wi-Fi or NFC to the Panasonic Image App on iOS and Android to record, edit, and broadcast live to UStream. Panasonic also says that the entire camera is dustproof and waterproof, enough so that it can shoot video under up to nearly 10 feet of water for 30 minutes at a time. Panasonic hasn't told us exactly where the camera will be available come May, but it says that it'll be selling for £379.99.