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Watch every single cultural reference in 'The Office' with this time machine

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There are a lot of cultural references in The Office. In fact, there are about 1,300 of them across the US series' entire nine-season run, according Joe Sabia. Sabia knows this because he's meticulously catalogued every reference made throughout the series, and he's turned them into what he calls The Office Time Machine — a website that allows you to plug in a year and view a compilation video of every single time The Office made a reference to something that happened then. To get started, you just enter a year, select AD or BC, and hit "Go."

Sabia created the project to advocate for copyright reform and fair use. "Culture is society’s collected knowledge, art, and customs," he writes, explaining that he feels the current copyright system "falls flat" because it doesn't account for creators who have no intention of making a profit or who want to remix past works, among other reasons. "This Time Machine is intended to show how much we rely on culture," he writes. To get a taste, you can watch the Time Machine's video for 2003 below.