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Construction on the world's tallest building will reportedly start on April 27th

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Kingdom Tower render
Kingdom Tower render

Construction of what will one day be the tallest building in the world finally has a start date. According to UK-based architecture magazine Building Design, architects will break ground for Saudi Arabia's Kingdom Tower on April 27th.

The Kingdom Tower, which will reportedly stand at a height of a little more than a kilometer, has been in development for years. The project made major headlines in 2011 when outlets stated that the tower would be an incredible mile high, but designers balked at that early proposal. According to BD Online, architects expect the building to take a full 63 months and $1.2 billion to complete. When it's finished, it will beat out China's 838-meter tall Changsha Sky City, which will wrest the title from the Burj Khalifa when it's completed later this year.