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David Lynch is fascinated by abandoned factories

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'Untitled (Ło?dz?),' David Lynch, The Photographer's Gallery
'Untitled (Ło?dz?),' David Lynch, The Photographer's Gallery
David Lynch / The Photographer's Gallery

When he's not directing full-length films or Nine Inch Nails music videos, David Lynch can be found photographing desolate factories. The filmmaker has a new exhibit showing at The Photographer's Gallery in London called David Lynch: The Factory Photographs that shows the haunting passages, caverns, and structures of forgotten factories across the world. In an interview with Dazed, Lynch explains that his love of industrial architecture came from growing up in the American Northwest where there were few of these large warehouses, and then visiting his mother's hometown of Brooklyn where the environment was filled with the "mood, shapes, and textures" of factory life. Read the full interview to see why Lynch has both a love for and a fear of the buildings, and why he chose to photograph different factories rather than make a movie about them.