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    A Dogecoin-sponsored NASCAR is happening after group raises more than $44,700

    A Dogecoin-sponsored NASCAR is happening after group raises more than $44,700

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    Social site Reddit is no stranger to raising funds for various projects, though this latest one may be the most unlikely yet. After noticing NASCAR driver Josh Wise was sponsorless, members of /r/Dogecoin — a part of Reddit for tracking the cryptocurrency — decided to pool money together to sponsor it themselves. After less than a week, the group's now hit that goal, and raised more than $44,700 in the virtual currency. That includes an accidental $13,500 donation by the founder of payments service, who added an extra zero to his contribution, though stuck with the mistake and offered others who matched 10 percent of it with a pass to the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. The total amount also includes $3,000 raised outside of what was raised in Dogecoin, putting the total above $50,000.

    A racecar with Doge on it

    The funding includes plans to wrap the outside of the stock car with Dogecoin branding, a design project that's been sourced by Redditors in that group. The Dogecoin logo itself features a cartoonish version of the Shiba Inu dog, which was the top internet meme last year. That dog, which is actually named Kabosu, lives in Japan with its owner who teaches kindergarten. The cryptocurrency named after the meme and featuring Kabosu's likeness was introduced last December, and is valued far lower than the more well-known Bitcoin.

    The NASCAR funding effort is not directly affiliated with the Dogecoin Foundation, a non-profit group set up to work on charitable projects. So far that group has raised $20,000 to provide children in need with service dogs, as well as another project for clean drinking water in Kenya.

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