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'Jobs' film starring Ashton Kutcher pulled from Netflix shortly after being released (update)

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Netflix subscribers: if you've been waiting for the streaming service to offer Ashton Kutcher's take on Steve Jobs, your wait is officially over. Jobs is now available to stream on Netflix (previously, it was only available as a DVD or Blu-ray from rental service).

The first biopic centering on Steve Jobs since the Apple founder's death wasn't exactly a success. Reviewers found the film bland, though Kutcher offered a surprisingly impassioned take on the man behind Apple. And when the independent film hit theaters it didn't strike much of a chord with moviegoers. Nevertheless, it should now be easier than ever to take a look at the film. And if you're not a Netflix subscriber, it's available to rent on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video for $4.99.

Update: Netflix has informed us that Jobs is temporarily offline and that it expects the title to become available again as early as Thursday.