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See the many faces of the HTC One's Dot View case

Earlier today, HTC announced the new One, its new flagship smartphone loaded with great design and tons of features. While the design of the One itself is striking, one of the most interesting things announced along with it is the new Dot View case, which provides protection for the phone, but still lets you see notifications and check the time easily. The $49.99 Dot View has a series of holes in the front of it that let you view the screen even when the case is closed (hence the name).

You can quickly see the time and current weather, alerts for missed calls and text messages (if you use HTC's Messages app), answer or decline calls, see if you have missed emails, and ignore calendar reminders all without ever opening the case. Everything is presented in a dot matrix font that's fun, retro, and informative. The Dot View case adds a bit of whimsy to the One that we like a lot, though we do wish it showed us more notifications (currently it doesn't support any third-party app notifications). The case also blocks the camera when you have it open and folded back and there's more plastic here than we'd expect from a case that's almost $50.

The Dot View case is available today alongside the One in grey, though HTC says more colors are coming soon (the blue and the orange look quite fetching). Until then, scroll down to see all of the different things you can do with the Dot View on the HTC One.

HTC Dot View case for the One