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The most retweeted tweet of all time and many other popular tweets have vanished

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An unknown issue with Twitter is causing heavily retweeted posts to disappear from the site, including Ellen DeGeneres' record-shattering tweet from the Oscars this month. The permalinked page for the tweet, which included a selfie taken by Bradley Cooper of DeGeneres, Brad Pitt, and other stars, now leads to a notice reading "Sorry, that page doesn't exist!" The same issue appears to be affecting The Verge and other accounts with large followings when their posts receive a significant number of retweets. Twitter tells The Verge that the vanished tweets are a known issue and that the company is looking into it.

Update: Missing tweets began reappearing throughout Wednesday morning. Shortly before 11AM PT, Twitter announced that it had resolved the error and restored all missing tweets along with any favorites and retweets that they had received.