You blink and open your eyes to a fantastic new sun above your head. You're lying in a field of tall grass, but in the distance you hear sounds of machinery. The city. As you lay there, a blimp begins to float into view, its bulbous shape painted in the striking cherry red and stark white ripple of the Coca-Cola logo. "Go Offworld with Coca-Cola today!" bellows a voice from a loudspeaker high above your head. "The adventure of a lifetime awaits... and all you have to do is say yes!" Offworld huh? You haven't been off of Planet Facebook yet — that could be fun. You raise your hand to the sky, pointing a clenched fist towards the blimp above. You extend your thumb upward, offering your endorsement of Coca-Cola. A simple thumbs-up. A like. Sound and light surges around you as your body is levitated, up, up, up into the sky, into space, across a light field of stars, planets, and massive ships. You speed towards a blue, mysterious planet full of secrets, adventure, the unknown. Adventure awaits... and my god you're beginning to feel thirsty. Coke is it.

In the meatspace, a QuenchTube pipes in fresh Coke through a small nipple in your mouth. Yeah, that's better.

0.0001714 in Bitcoin is subtracted from your account.

Welcome to the internet. Facebook's internet.