Cheaper and more powerful computers are letting young filmmakers explore digital effects in ways they never could before. However, for many of those inspired by the genre classics of the 1970s and ‘80s, there’s often nothing better than the on-set, practical side of filmmaking — where a beautifully designed costume or make-up effect can have more of a visceral impact than a CG creation ever could.

That was the impetus behind Prospect, the latest short film from the directing duo of Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell. The tale of a young girl and her explorer father — and the threat they face on an alien world — garnered attention earlier this year thanks to its moody trailer, and now you can watch the finished film below. Gripping and atmospheric, it’s an example of how ingenuity and a do-it-yourself mentality remain the most essential tools in any filmmaker’s arsenal, no matter how much technology is available.