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HTC One Google Play edition on sale now

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Following yesterday's launch, you can now order the all-new HTC One with stock Android from Google's Play Store. Unlike the model we reviewed, the Google Play edition (GPe) HTC One doesn't utilize the "Sense" skin or HTC's collection of software tweaks. Instead, it features software similar to Google's Nexus phones. The new model is priced at $699 and, at the time of writing, the store listing says phones will start shipping in two-to-three weeks.

Aside from the software modifications, GPe phones also benefit from faster updates to the latest version of Android. Although the Nexus 5 gets software upgrades slightly earlier, the GPe versions of the 2013 HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S5 have generally received updates faster than the carrier-sold models. The new HTC One GPe appears to only be available through the US version of the Play Store, where the old model has now dropped down to $499.