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New Billboard charts will track the most popular music on Twitter

New Billboard charts will track the most popular music on Twitter

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Twitter is full of conversations about music, and the company wants those tweets to be important outside the world of the social network. To that end, Twitter has now partnered with Billboard to work on real-time charts that the companies hope will be "the new industry standard for tracking and surfacing the conversation around music as it happens."

The charts will monitor conversations about artists, tracks, and albums, and it will show which top musicians are the most talked about at any given moment. Another chart will highlight up-and-coming acts, many of which stir up buzz on social networks long before they're recognized by major industry players. Once the charts launch in the next few weeks, Billboard will publish them on its site and will embed them in tweets from their Twitter account.

The announcement comes just days after the company officially pulled the plug on its failed music discovery service, Twitter #Music. That was Twitter's first attempt to capitalize on the prevalence of music conversations on the social network, but it never found a way to bring mainstream Twitter users on board. The partnership with Billboard is just the latest move by Twitter to work with with traditional media outlets to offer data and insights — previously, the company announced a way to track TV tweets with Nielsen.