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'Killer Instinct' on Xbox One finally has its new developer

'Killer Instinct' on Xbox One finally has its new developer

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In February Amazon purchased Double Helix Games, the studio behind Xbox One launch title Killer Instinct. Now the fighting game finally has a new developer: Iron Galaxy Studios, the developer behind games like Divekick. The Xbox One version of Killer Instinct is unique in that it's free to play, with new characters and game modes being added after the initial launch. Double Helix is still finishing up the first batch of content — including the game's next character, Fulgore, due to launch on April 9th — and Iron Galaxy will take over from there.

"We're just coming to terms with what's possible."

The two studios have already been working together to make sure the process goes smoothly. "This is a brand-new engine, this is a brand-new process, and we're just coming to terms with what's possible," Iron Galaxy CEO Dave Lang told Polygon. Lang says the studio won't change up the game too much, and we don't know yet what new content is coming. But Iron Galaxy's history with fighting games — which includes working on franchises like Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom — means that Killer Instinct appears to be in good hands. Double Helix, meanwhile, most recently released the excellent reboot of Strider, while the studio's plans now that it's under the Amazon umbrella are currently unknown.