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Microsoft updates OneNote iPad app with new iOS 7 design

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In keeping with the other new productivity apps it rolled out for iPad earlier today, Microsoft has updated OneNote with a new design that's a better fit for iOS 7. It feels right at home next to the brand new Word, PowerPoint, and Excel apps, which makes sense since OneNote is also part of the Office suite. Sadly the smaller iPhone version hasn't yet received the same update; its appearance is still unchanged (and thus a bit outdated). OneNote for iOS was widely panned when Microsoft first introduced the app in 2011, but the company has gradually worked to improve it since then.

Microsoft is clearly making a play to establish Office as a productivity force on the iPad, and OneNote has already proven wildly popular with users. The company recently released OneNote for OS X — its first new Mac app in quite some time — and the software immediately topped Apple's Mac App Store charts. We'd recommend downloading the OS X version for syncing between your Mac and iPad if you don't have a Windows machine nearby. Other than its new looks, the changes in OneNote for iPad are relatively small: Microsoft notes that "photos of whiteboards and documents are now auto-cropped and enhanced," and the release also contains the usual bug fixes.