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Twitter is installing log cabins from the 1800s in its San Francisco office

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Twitter is erecting two log cabins originally built during the late 1800s inside the company's San Francisco office space. Once booths are added, each of the 20-by-20-foot cabins will be used as dining areas for Twitter employees. The 19th century relics actually came to Twitter thanks to a Craigslist posting; Lundberg Design — an architecture firm that works with the company — came upon a listing from Karl Beckmann, who salvaged the cabins from ranches in Montana. When the call from Lundberg came in, Beckmann initially thought he was being taken for a ride.

"At first I was concerned it was a scam," he told the Marin Independent Journal. "How often does it happen that you get a call to install two log cabins inside a building?" He described the request as "a once-in-a-lifetime-type job." Once he was convinced the sale was legitimate, the cabins were broken down and transported to Twitter's Mid-Market office, where they'll soon be reassembled as century-old dining rooms for staff members.

Dining rooms older than any employee

"We're very excited about this project, not only because it's beautiful, but also because it's another great instance of how we continue to re-use materials as we build out our presence," a Twitter spokesperson told the Journal. Lundberg echoed that sentiment, saying, "One of the nice things about reusing old materials it that there is a story that comes with them."

The cabins are also in keeping with the office's wood-heavy design motif. "We've used the notion of the forest as a nice tie-in with Twitter and its bird logo," Lundberg said, pointing out that the long history of these cabins is evident when looking at them. "The guys who built them are long dead, of course, but are sort of still here. I kind of like that," he said. The cost of the cabins isn't being disclosed. But even with the company using reclaimed wood, such a lavish buy isn't likely to help its image with locals as tensions between Silicon Valley and San Francisco residents continue to rise.