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Listen to De La Soul's latest album for free thanks to BitTorrent

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De La Soul
De La Soul

Hot on the heels of making their entire catalog available online for free — a move that may have involved distributing pirated MP3s — hip-hop legends De La Soul are back with another free download. This time around, the trio is giving away their latest mixtape on BitTorrent. Smell the DA.I.S.Y., which layers old De La Soul lyrics over previously unreleased J Dilla beats, is now available on the peer-to-peer file sharing network. While the album is free, downloading it requires handing over an email address — the latest demonstration of how recorded music has become a marketing tool for artists rather than a source of revenue in its own right.

Head over to BitTorrent to download the mixtape — or, for a preview, you can listen to the whole thing over at SoundCloud.