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LG's curved OLED tech is better in lamps than phones

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Having already released one of the world's first smartphones with a curved display, LG has clearly been hard at work determining where else the phone's curved OLED tech could be of use. At the Light+Building show in Frankfurt, Germany, LG is showcasing one potential use for curved OLEDS: a lamp. Although OLEDs have been used in lighting for some time, LG says the lamp, which is inspiringly titled "OLED Table Lamp," is the world's first to utilize a curved OLED panel as a light source.

The sculpted red design can be controlled remotely by smartphone or tablet, which lets you automatically define lighting modes such as "movie" or "relax," and can also manually dim the light. Should it be released — there's no firm information from LG on whether the lamp will be available for purchase — it'll be the flagship product in an expanded range of smart lighting poised to take on industry leader Philips' Hue range.