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Rdio, Vudu, and Crackle now support Google's Chromecast

Rdio, Vudu, and Crackle now support Google's Chromecast

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Rdio just updated its mobile apps for iOS and Android with support for Chromecast, letting users listen to the music service on any TV connected to Google's $35 streaming device. The large-screen interface is very basic, but that's probably a good thing in this case. It puts album artwork front and center, with Rdio's signature blur effect filling out the background. You're able to pause a track and scrub forward or back with your phone, and there's also the ability to control music volume by hitting the corresponding buttons on your device — though this proved a bit hit or miss in our brief tests. But if you've got a powerful sound system hooked up to your HDTV, it just got a bit easier to pump Rdio through those speakers. Chromecast support is also enabled for Rdio's web app, so you can control everything from a laptop if your phone's not within reach.

Rdio first hinted that it planned to embrace Google's popular streaming hardware last month, though it quickly walked back that enthusiasm and offered only a "nothing to share at this time" comment. Beats Music also announced plans to add support, leaving Spotify as the major streaming holdout.

Update: Two more video services have also launched Chromecast support today. Sony's Crackle and Walmart's Vudu video-on-demand apps have been added to the growing list of content for Google's miniature streamer. Vudu offers full HDX 1080p playback for maximum video quality.