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Purported iPhone 6 pictures said to come from inside Foxconn

Purported iPhone 6 pictures said to come from inside Foxconn

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Three images posted to a Weibo account purportedly reveal Apple's upcoming iPhone 6. The pictures, which are said to be sourced from someone within Foxconn, show a prototype device that's apparently being run through tests at its production facility. Obviously a heavy dose of skepticism is in order here. No one is doubting that Apple is working on new iPhone(s) for release sometime this year, but whether you're seeing one of those products in these images is anyone's guess. The photos depict a much thinner device — so lean that the camera lens visibly protrudes from the phone's body. That would be a departure from previous iPhones, though Apple has already gone down this path with the iPod touch.

The current iPod touch with protruding camera. (Apple)

Until now, rumors about the upcoming iPhone have mainly focused on its screen. Multiple reports have claimed Apple is experimenting with larger display sizes to compete with a sea of huge Android smartphones that blur the line between smartphone and tablet.

Aside from going bigger, Apple may also be embracing the curve: in November, Bloomberg reported that the company is working on curved-glass iPhones. Last year, rampant leaks left little to the imagination by the time Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 5S in September. We're still likely several months away from the official launch of a new iPhone, but supply chain leaks will likely prove to be a headache yet again. It's a bit early to be seeing them now though, so we're by no means convinced this is the real deal.