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Skype for updated with HD video support and calling fixes

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Microsoft originally launched Skype video calling for nearly a year ago, and the company is updating the service with a much needed fix today. Skype desktop users have often complained that the web version would continue ringing in a browser even if the call was picked up from the desktop client. “We’re happy to share that in the new version now available we’ve resolved this issue," says Skype's Karen Tong.

While the web version of Skype originally launched in the UK, US, and a few other countries, it's finally rolling out worldwide today. Microsoft is also updating Skype for to support HD video calling for PC users. Although Skype is accessible through, it does require a plugin to use the video calling support. If you’re an existing user you can upgrade Microsoft’s Skype plugin here, or if you’re new to the web version it will enable it for the first time.