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HBO Go is coming to the PlayStation 3 today

HBO Go is coming to the PlayStation 3 today

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After a very long wait, PlayStation 3 owners will finally be able to stream HBO shows on their consoles. The console is getting its very own HBO Go app starting today, according to an announcement on the official PlayStation Blog. The app, which lets cable customers with HBO subscriptions watch the premium channel's catalog on demand, first arrived on the Xbox 360 nearly two years ago.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both don't have access to the popular app, but Phil Rosenberg, an executive at Sony Computer Entertainment America, said today that the company is "working diligently with HBO to bring the HBO GO app to PS4." For its part, Microsoft plans to deliver the app to Xbox One sometime this year.

With True Detective wrapping up next week and the incredibly popular Game of Thrones starting up in a month, it's not bad timing for PlayStation 3 owners. Now you just need to set aside your weekend to catch up.