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If you needed more proof that Apple works with NSA...


At Friday’s Apple shareholder meeting, Apple’s directors overruled an urgent, popular shareholder resolution entitled Spy Lockout, aimed at improving security and keeping NSA surveillance and other intruders out of Apple’s products and systems. The same morning, Apple co-Founder Steve Wozniak endorsed the SpyLockout initiative.

Apple gave no indication why it would vote against a resolution to follow best practices recommended by industry technical experts and the Electronic Frontier Foundation to protect users.

Experts on Apple and security have noted that within weeks of GoToFail’s silent introduction in 2012, the NSA reported internally that Apple had joined the PRISM bulk surveillance program providing "direct access" to Apple users’ data. These experts could not rule out complicity by Apple, perhaps under gagged National Security Orders. Although National Security Letters were ruled unconstitutional in March of last year, Apple privacy officer Jane Horvath refused to answer whether it is still cooperating with new orders. Apple’s most recent transparency report says it may have cooperated with more than 200 such requests just between January and June of last year.

While Bloomberg reported Apple Investors Reject All Shareholder Proposals, it misleadingly reported that shareholders had overwhelmingly rejected the proposal. But in fact under the unusual Floor Vote procedure for Spy Lockout, when Apple estimated the vote tally, the only shareholders who had voted against Spy Lockout were Apple directors – through their discretionary power to cast votes on behalf of shareholders who had tossed their ballots in the trash and did not attend the meeting.

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Something fishy is definitely going on at Apple if they're refusing to pass these extra security protections for their users, and even refusing to give a reason why they'd do this - that's probably the weirdest things of all. It could be because they can't say why - which means they are working with the NSA, and have backdoors in their devices.