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Xbox Music app for the Xbox One now has access to over 92,000 music videos

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Microsoft is working on improving the Xbox One on all fronts: in addition to the major system update next week, the company is adding more entertainment options to the console today. The Xbox Music app on the console now has access to the over 92,000 music videos integrated into the service, according to an official blog post from the Xbox team.

With the app, Microsoft has removed the divide between songs and music videos. Music videos will automatically stream in HD whenever you play a song that has an accompanying video in the system, meaning you won't have to specifically search for a particular video. However, there will also be a new search filter that will allow Xbox Music subscribers to search and browse just through the service's collection of music videos. Microsoft previously included music video streaming as part of Xbox Music on the Xbox 360.

Xbox Music is an unlimited streaming music service in the same vein as competitors such as Spotify and Rdio. It costs $9.99 per month, and in addition to Xbox One and Xbox 360 support, there are apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. There's also a web app with free streaming.