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Facebook to fund local police officer to patrol near its headquarters

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Facebook spent millions as part of the move to its revamped headquarters in Menlo Park, California, and now it plans to shell out a little more for the city to hire another police officer. The company offered to spend $200,000 a year for at least three years on a full-time beat cop, a proposal that was unanimously accepted by the city this evening. As reported by NBC earlier, that officer's job won't be to protect the company's headquarters, which has its own private security personnel; nor will they be responding to local city emergency calls. Instead, the proposal calls for the officer to patrol schools, and be stationed in a newly-created neighborhood police substation nearby.

Not for patrolling Facebook's campus

According to the City Council's notes, Facebook approached Menlo Park's chief of police about increasing the police presence in the nearby Belle Haven neighborhood last October. The company cited the city's own aim to bolster a police presence in the neighborhood in order to combat "truancy, school and business safety and overall neighborhood security." The three-year contract could be extended by an additional two years if Facebook chooses.