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Xbox One March update begins rolling out today with multiplayer fixes and UI tweaks

Xbox One March update begins rolling out today with multiplayer fixes and UI tweaks

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Microsoft says that its next Xbox One update will start rolling out today, less than a week before the launch of Titanfall. The update, detailed in February, will fix problems with joining and chatting with parties of your friends, prepare the console for the release of the Xbox One stereo headset and media remote, and add support for Twitch live streaming ahead of the service's launch on the console.

The update retools the console's UI, moving the user's friends list to the front and center of the Xbox One's friends homepage, and adds a list of recent players so users can send friend requests to amiable teammates. Players who set up parties with those friends will now have chat audio turned on by default, and will now be able to chat with people in the same party even when members of the group are playing different games. The update also introduces an "invite friends to game" option that will allow a user to join their friend's multiplayer game with less hassle.

The March Xbox One update will be rolling out today

It also adds support for Twitch live streaming, ahead of the streaming service's app launch on March 11th. The new update means, in addition to Twitch streaming, that the Xbox One will support 5.1 Dolby Digital and 50Hz outputs, ensuring European users can watch live TV through their consoles. A host of more minor fixes and additions include new volume increments when using voice controls to turn the sound up or down on your console, new notifications when using SmartGlass with your console, and support for upcoming Xbox One accessories.