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Facebook Messenger app now available on Windows Phone

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Microsoft promised recently that Facebook Messenger would arrive on Windows Phone soon, and the dedicated app is now available in the Store. While Windows Phone has always had built-in Facebook messaging, the new Messenger app supports features like group chat, stickers, and picture messaging. Location sharing is also enabled, and you can view or manage contacts on the service too.

While it has taken some time to launch on Windows Phone compared to iOS and Android, the dedicated Facebook Messenger arrives just ahead of a key Windows Phone 8.1 update. Microsoft is planning to step back from some of its key Facebook integration in the upcoming update, allowing Facebook to provide similar functionality within its own apps. The built-in Facebook messenger feature will be replaced with this separate app, much like how Microsoft is separating out its Xbox Music and Video services from the built-in versions on Windows Phone. Microsoft is expected to finalize Windows Phone 8.1 shortly, with a developer release planned for early April.