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Make music from junk with Mogees and your smartphone

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Over two years ago, we brought you news of a great concept that turned any object into a musical instrument. Its creator, Bruno Zamborlin, has now refined that idea into an actual product named Mogees, and last month launched a Kickstarter campaign to get that product out to the masses. Today, the campaign passed its £50,000 (roughly $83,000) target, meaning Zamborlin's dream will almost certainly become a reality.

Each Mogees consists of a contact microphone and circuit board, which enables it to translate vibrations into sound. It sticks to any surface and connects to your iOS or Android device via a headphone port, drawing all the power it needs from the single cable. Once connected, all the settings are arranged through an app that allows you to modify the sound and play mode of the device. You can create new music freely using your fingers or pretty much any object you can think of; different objects have different textures and weights, which change the nature of the vibrations, creating different notes and sounds. For less adventurous musicians, you can also enter "song mode," which lets you reinterpret an existing song with new sounds and rhythms while sticking to a familiar melody.

The first iOS models ship this August

Unlike Ototo, a crowdfunded synthesizer that takes a similar approach, Mogees doesn't limit you to small surfaces or specific input methods. In promotional videos on Zamborlin's Kickstarter page, Mogees is shown providing an impromptu backing track to a dancer just by being attached to a mat, turning a fence into a synthesized orchestra, and augmenting Rodrigo Sanchez's (of Rodrigo y Gabriella fame) guitar. The Kickstarter campaign runs through to March 19th, with prices starting from £40 ($67). Zamborlin estimates the first iOS models will ship this August, although there's a beta tier that it's hoped will arrive in around two months.