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Windows' best Twitter client is about to die

Windows' best Twitter client is about to die

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Another popular third-party Twitter client is closing its doors today. MetroTwit started off life as a photoshop concept in March 2010, before being released as a Windows desktop client for Twitter. It has grown in popularity over the years with more than 400,000 Twitter users, but a Twitter access token limit on third-party clients means it will soon no longer function for new users. The MetroTwit team is removing the download links for both the desktop and Windows 8 versions, and the existing apps will no longer be supported or updated with features.

"We reached out to Twitter after they made the token limit announcement, but they did not offer to extend our cap," explains MetroTwit developer Long Zheng in an interview with The Verge. Zheng says the team had one simple goal: create a great Twitter experience on the Windows desktop. "We understand the Twitter developer API strategy has evolved with its business over the past few years," says Zheng. "It's unfortunate this affects a small but enthusiastic group of Twitter users who enjoy third party clients."

No official Twitter for Windows desktop alternative

While existing MetroTwit users can continue to use the app, any effects from the removal and lack of support won’t be felt unless Twitter alters its APIs in future in a way that breaks the existing app. It’s an unfortunate, but unavoidable turn of events, and MetroTwit fans are clearly sad to see it go. Twitter has focused on improving and building its own official clients, but the company has not yet released a dedicated Twitter desktop app for Windows. Official alternatives include Twitter for Windows 8 and TweetDeck, and Tweetium, a third-party app for Windows 8, is also rising in popularity. Zheng says the MetroTwit team is proud of its work on the app, and that it's "always exploring new and interesting app opportunities on Windows."