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DC decriminalizes weed: 90 Seconds on The Verge

The man awoke not knowing who he was or where he was currently sitting. A cameraman, along with his trusty C100, waits patiently for the man to ready himself. The man stumbles to his feet, unsure of himself, but feeling the urge to present himself to the lens. "Who am I?" the man asks. "Um, Evan? Are you ok?" asks the cameraman. "You ate that giant sub and then sat on the floor and fell asleep." The man, now realizing who he is and what his purpose is, exclaims, "Oh! That happened again? Sorry about that. We ready to shoot?" And so another episode of 90 Seconds began.

Stories of the day:

Hosted by Evan Rodgers. Written by Nathan Cykiert and Ross Miller. Video Production by Christian Mazza.