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A pelican with a GoPro gives us a peek at the world below

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GoPro cameras were originally designed to capture the greatest moments in surfing, though the tiny cameras are turning out to be infinitely more entertaining when strapped to birds. The latest: a pelican in Tanzania that befriended the staff at the Greystoke Mahale, a camp on the foot of the Mahale Mountains. The injured creature ended up there after a storm, and with some coaxing recovered to the point where it could fly again. Its first successful flight was captured using a GoPro camera that was strapped to the top of its beak.

The video is perhaps the most touching in a series of videos featuring birds interacting with cameras. In January a camera disguised as an egg captured footage of a Rockhopper penguin colony; it went airborne and rolled away after being mistaken by a Striated Caracara as food. Before that a sea eagle in Western Australia made off with a research camera meant to record footage of local saltwater crocodiles. This latest clip, however, shares more in common with beautiful footage captured late last year by an eagle flying just above the French Alps.