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Press chases alleged Bitcoin creator through Los Angeles

Press chases alleged Bitcoin creator through Los Angeles


Nakamoto denies creating cryptocurrency

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In the wake of this morning's Newsweek article purportedly unmasking mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, the man known as Dorian Nakamoto has become the subject not just of more investigative reporting but of a car chase and is apparently denying being the creator of the currency. Los Angeles Times reporter Joe Bel Bruno and others have taken to Twitter as they follow Nakamoto and an AP reporter, who successfully convinced Nakamoto to come with him for lunch.

From there, "a dozen" reporters surrounding his Temple Hill residence followed, pursuing the pair first into a sushi restaurant, then onto the highway.

Eventually, they arrived at the AP bureau, where the chase continued.

Previous video has shown Nakamoto saying he is "not involved" in Bitcoin, but he's now said to have denied being the creator as well, although the situation is hectic enough that it's hard to pin down anything for sure.

Nakamoto's location was revealed by a Newsweek photograph, which showed not only his house but his street and license plate number. So far, there hasn't been any further confirmation or denial of the incident. However, Temple City police confirmed to The Verge that police were called from Nakamoto's house on February 20th, though no arrest was made. They refused to discuss further details, including whether the quotes attributed to the officers were accurate.