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Growers worry that recreational weed will ruin Washington's medical marijuana system

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Seattle's Medical Marijuana association is hurting
Seattle's Medical Marijuana association is hurting
Hammerin Man (Flickr)

Medical weed growers probably aren't the first people you think of when discussing those who are unhappy with the the legalization of recreational marijuana. Yet, as The New York Times reports, many medical marijuana dispensers in Washington are calling the advent of recreational pot "disastrous." Indeed, the legalization of recreational pot is likely to come at a huge cost for those who pioneered the sale of medical weed in the state 16 years ago. Notably, the Washington state legislature will soon debate a bill that might eliminate the collective gardens used by most dispensaries and instate new licenses that could cause any remaining dispensaries to shut down. For a more extensive rundown of the plight of Washington's medical marijuana dispensaries, head over to The New York Times' website.