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'Smash Hit' for iOS and Android turns the act of destruction into art

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From Greek tavernas to Japanese offices and everywhere in between, it's long been known that breaking stuff is therapeutic and often cathartic. A new game from the makers of Granny Smith and Sprinkle takes the smashing of things as its main objective and has been given the fitting title of Smash Hit. Released this week on both Android and iOS, Smash Hit has a minimalist appearance, but the task of throwing your balls of destruction at crystal pyramids and glass walls becomes trickier with every passing second.

The ambient music syncs up with the pace of your progress through each level, while the subtle sound effects and perfectly modeled physics make the whole experience truly immersive. The game's free to download and play for both iPhone and Android users, with some extra features like cloud saves and statistics being unlockable in the $1.99 premium version.