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Motorola adds new colors and accents to Moto X for March Madness

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The newest additions to Moto Maker are basketball inspired: in time for March Madness, Motorola has released nine new back colors and three new accent colors for the Moto X that match popular college basketball teams. The company is offering a $60 discount to anyone with an .edu email address who buys a bundle, which includes a colored phone and clear case with the college logo on it. But still, considering Motorola's goal of offering total phone customization, engraved logos would've been a more interesting option than a clear case.

Motorola has been giving discounts on the Moto X in any way it can think of: recently the company slashed the phone's price to just $299 off-contract. It has also pegged new colors to NFL teams in the past, and Motorola is clearly trying to appeal to the huge college basketball fan base — both current students and graduates — before the most heated games begin.