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Should Microsoft make an Officebook?


So I was just reading the big 'why would you get a chromebook' thread, and then happened upon an opinion piece from a little while ago about how MS should make an 'Officebook', essentially a browser plus Office that can hit the same price bracket as chromebooks...while also being a neat bit of consumer branding.

I have to say that as someone about to bite on a chromebook as a second machine, I'm forever perplexed at the reaction to them that verges into frothing at the mouth sometimes. I'm not OS-aligned particularly, I have ms/ggl/appl stuff...but for MY needs I just can't see anything that can compete with a chromebook right now.

That is...small portable laptop with fantastic battery life, ssd, good keyboard and pad. I have an ipad but for me it's in a different league and not a suitable alternative. Basically I'm fed up of working on my big Win laptop on the couch, constantly plugged in because the battery is useless after a year or so...and £199 feels like a throwaway purchase.

However if MS were to make a new range of laptops not running full windows, I'd probably be there in a shot, or at least I'd certainly think twice. I've spent all my life on windows, even the familiarity would probably pull me in...but the choice just doesn't exist.

If windows made these machines I really think they'd be successful, because I think what often gets lost in the silly chomebook arguments is that the price point makes them very tempting for secondary machines. Who cares if it's 'just a browser'. If MS makes something with the same specs that's 'just a browser' or even a browser + office then I'd consider that too.

But at the moment it feels like I have a huge choice of chromebooks where I just have to decide on my preferred spec and looks and screensize...but nothing that competes from MS which just feels strange.

NB. As stated this is MY use scenario. It maybe that I'm totally unrepresentative and all MS's focus groups are telling them there's no market here. I'm just saying I'd like to see it!