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Leaked HTC One cover turns your smartphone into a Lite Brite

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The official announcement of the next HTC One should happen soon, and it looks like the upcoming flagship phone will support at least one intriguing new accessory. Twitter account @evleaks has posted what appears to be a press image of the new One, with a sleek cover that can display information like the time and weather using colorful lights. With its plentiful holes, the case looks sort of like a modern take on a Lite Brite, and features much of the same utility as Yota's E Ink-enabled smartphone, letting you check important information without waking up your device. The news comes not long after we caught a glimpse of the new one in a leaked video; @evleaks also claims that, much like the previous One, the new version will be available in a Google Play edition. The next-generation HTC One is expected to be revealed on March 25th.