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How sexism derailed the gaming reality show 'Game Jam'

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'The Stanley Parable'

Game_Jam was set to be a reality show that followed independent video game developers as they created a game from scratch, but shortly after filming began, the production fell apart. Arcane contracts demanded the developers — including people who worked on The Stanley Parable and Depression Quest — keep away from social media for weeks at a time, while obnoxious branding regulations meant they could only drink Mountain Dew on set. But as Jared Rosen, present during the show's filming, writes on Indie Statik, it was aggressive and sexist questioning of Game_Jam's female participants by a "Pepsi consultant" in a bid to manufacture TV-caliber "drama" that shut down production for good. Polygon estimates the show's collapse has cost Maker Studios — recently acquired by Disney — an estimated $450,000.