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Homestar Runner returns from hiatus for new April Fools' Day episode

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Homestar Runner, one of the first great cartoons from the early days of the web, has been on extended hiatus since 2010. Since then, creators Mike and Matt Chapman (otherwise known as The Brothers Chaps) have moved onto other projects, but promised to update the site sporadically. After a few years of relative silence, today marks the first time the site has been updated since 2010's Decemberween episode. And it holds up pretty well.

The new content is a complete nostalgia trip, reveling in what made it popular in its heyday. Here, Homestar brings old-timey cartoons into the modern age, shows off his Homestar soundboard, and plays the straight-man as Strongbad updates his Windows 98 desktop theme. It's everything that was so lovable in 2002. It's not likely that the website will be updated with any kind of regularity — both characters are pretty non-committal in the episode — but it's good to see them back either way.