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The cloud is the villain in Jason Segel comedy 'Sex Tape'

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Sometimes you put things in the cloud only to have them pop up again where you'd least expect them to. So while cloud services are new, often wonky, and still slightly confusing, it's not a bad idea to be cautious with how you use them. That fear has become the premise for Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz's new lowbrow comedy, Sex Tape, which finds their characters' homemade sex tape syncing to a handful of iPads that they were apparently wealthy enough to hand out as gifts.

The characters quickly come to understand their mistake: "Nobody understands the cloud," Segel shouts. "It's a fucking mystery." The events are fairly preposterous, casually possible, and highly unlikely, but they certainly speak to a confusion and a basic fear that's popped up as our devices become more and more connected. It doesn't necessarily make for the best humor, but it certainly makes a fine plot device. As you might guess, the trailer is NSFW.