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Aphex Twin releasing rare unheard album thanks to Kickstarter campaign

Aphex Twin releasing rare unheard album thanks to Kickstarter campaign

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Legendary electronic music artist Richard D. James, better known as Aphex Twin, is planning to release an incredibly rare, unheard piece of music through a rather unusual channel: Kickstarter. A few days ago, a listing on the music marketplace Discogs popped up for a two-vinyl music set made by Richard James back in 1994, recorded under his Caustic Window moniker. The collection of music was never publicly released, and only a few test vinyl copies were ever made. The record set was priced at a whopping $13,500, putting it out of the reach of most normal consumers, but the electronic music forum We Are the Music Makers figured out a way to get the music out to the masses.

After some negotiation, the seller agreed to put the record up on Kickstarter; those who contribute at least $16 to the campaign will receive a lossless digital rip of the album direct from the vinyl records being offered for sale. The deal has been put together with the blessing of James himself, and it'll be the only official way to get your hands on this rare recording — James has said that he has no plans to reissue the album in any way, shape or form after this Kickstarter.

Once the record has been ripped and the digital copies distributed to the Kickstarter backers, the project will enter its second phase: the original vinyl will be put up on eBay, with the proceeds split three ways. James will get a third, one third is planned to go back to the Kickstarter backers (something against Kickstarter rules, but the community plans to do it anyway), and the last third will go to a currently-undecided charity.

With 29 days to go, the campaign has already racked up more than half its goal, so it's looking pretty likely this unusual release will indeed come to pass. If you want an official copy, the campaign will be open through May 10th — though we're guessing unauthorized copies will hit the internet pretty quickly after the digital release.