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First marijuana vending machine for consumers unveiled in Colorado

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Vending machines that serve up pot have existed for some time, but up until now have only lived behind counters at medical marijuana dispensaries. Now, the very first weed vending machine that customers can access has finally made its debut in Avon, Colorado. Herbal Elements, a local medical cannabis collective, today received a ZaZZZ vending machine manufactured by American Green. The dispensary made its excited announcement this afternoon:

The vending machine will be officially installed tomorrow (a full week before 4/20), but will only be accessible to patients with valid identification. (Sorry, recreational smokers.) Stephen Shearin, COO of American Green's parent company Tranzbyte, told The Cannabist that he envisions the machine being a boon for shyer folk. "First, think of automated checkouts at the market. Not for everyone, but for those who use it, they love it. Next consider a regular or perhaps a somewhat shy customer who is capable of self-service." Of course, even though the vending machine may well boost legitimate sales of cannabis, don't expect to see them out in the open.